Ameryll: Steampunk in an own fictive universe as roll play and novel

The world of „Steampunk – Ameryll“ is a world with victorian features and also with classical fantasy elements.
The local place of our unique universe is the fictive continent Eskondrien. It is a continent full of adventure, versatility, secrets, intrigues, tensions and war.

It is not only an enrichment for pen and paper players to immerse into the world but also for those who haven’t the experience with role plays. You choose who you want to be from a great variety of classes and races. Because on Eskondrien the humans aren’t the only race. In this world is everything possible.



The countdown has started! (6/9/2015) - The Kickstarter-campaign for Ameryll will soon come to its end. 41 hours and ticking. Be part of it. And yes, also for german projects, debit is an option.
Something new to the rules (6/3/2015) - Now you can get a view to our rules
NERDS-GEGEN-STEPHAN.DE hat uns interviewt (6/2/2015) - Vielen Dank, Phillip! http://nerds-gegen-stephan.de/index.php/archives/105-Ameryll-Exklusives-Interview-mit-den-Kickstartern.html
The Nobility Houses are online! (5/29/2015) - For a better understanding of our world – the Nobility houses are on our homepage now. http://www.ameryll.de/the-world/the-nobility-houses/  
A short text (part 1) abount the creation of the word (5/22/2015) - We have published a new text, which tries to explain the creation of the world and some relationships. You can find him here: Behind The Scenes
The RPC Cologne ist over and we are back (5/20/2015) - A succsessful and exciting fair is over. We want to thank all of you who visited us on our booth at the RPC Cologne for all your feedback and the fantastic input. You were great. It was a pleasure for us. Of course we are also thankful vor everyone who mailed us before the event. […]
We are very proud: (5/19/2015) - Our kickstarter campaign became a team favorite of the kickstarter team!
Our booth on the RPC Cologne is ready (5/19/2015) - It is done. Our engine room on the RPC is standing. We are all quite satisfied with the result! Come visit us and see for yourself. We’re looking forward to meet you in person! Hall 10.2 stand F22 Due to us being occupied with the exhibition this weekend, we ask you to be a little […]
Our kickstarter campaign is online now! (5/12/2015) - With “Steampunk: Ameryll”, we want to establish a Steampunk-Pen & Paper roleplaying system and would be happy about every support you can give us. Be it financial support or just telling our just spreading the word about it can help. For more information about the project and/or in order to give us your support, visit the following […]
Steampunk Ameryll – Pen&Paper RPG and Literature (5/10/2015) - Join our unique Fantasy-Steampunk universe and discover the exciting world of Ameryll. Between the wicked intrigues of the royals, an ever ongoing war and an empress, who is hiding far more, than anyone could imagine, there are numerous areas, that need to be explored. You choose who you want to be from a great variety […]